‘Truck Talk’ – Tune in to Mike Hornbeck, Phil Casabon, and Spencer Milbocker on a midwest ski safari


There’s skiing in Michigan, and then there’s skiing in Michigan with Mike Hornbeck and Spencer Milbocker. The two local midwesterners show Phil Casabon around their home turf, making sure to hit a few tantalizing features, from S rails to track sheds, along the way. Along the streets of Grand Rapids and over to the iconic Matterhorn of the midwest AKA Nub’s Nob, the crew proves once again that it doesn’t matter where you are, it just matters how creative you can get.

Mike and Phil provide some unbelievably top tier riding throughout the entirety of ‘Truck Talk’. The two continue to progress the sport as they have for over a decade, showing no lack of style or any sign of complacency. We owe these two riders a great deal of thanks for everything they’ve done for the sport. Spencer’s film work is second to none, and deserves equal praise. This enjoyable 11 minute edit pulls you in every step of the way, from the audio to the visuals, there’s not a single second of misplaced footage. (The clip of Phil gliding through the fence, cut to quivering leaf as he glides by, capped off with a front slide back 180 out deserves an Academy Award of its own.) You’ll be glued to the screen from start to finish, so throw in those headphones and turn down the lights, because it’s time for some ‘Truck Talk’.

From YouTube – All aboard midwest’s snow safari featuring Michigan’s finest- Hornbeck and Milbocker as they take “Mista back to back gold medalist” Casabon on a ski journey through their home turf.

Photo Gallery

Photography – Spencer Milbocker

Skiers – Phil Casabon & Mike Hornbeck

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