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What Makes Skiing Corbet’s Couloir So Challenging?


Cover image from Greg Hiller’s Youtube video 

Skiing Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole is widely considered one of the most challenging runs in North America, if not the world. There are several factors that make this run so difficult:

  1. The entrance: The entrance to Corbet’s Couloir is a steep, narrow chute that drops nearly 30 feet straight down. Skiers must either launch themselves into the couloir or slide near verticle slope to enter it. This can be intimidating for even the most experienced skiers.
  2. The steepness: As we stated above, the vast majority of people who ski Corbets opt to slide into the couloir from the entrance. In most snow conditions, this a very steep entrance that has an abrupt turn at the bottom this is often needed to be taken at speed.
  3. The snow conditions: Corbet’s Couloir is often skied in variable snow conditions, ranging from icy and hard-packed to deep powder. This can make it difficult to find an edge and maintain control.
  4. The consequences of a fall: Because of the steep pitch and rocky terrain, falling in Corbet’s Couloir can have serious consequences. Skiers risk injury from rocks or a long slide down the couloir if they lose control. This is top of most skiers’ minds when they enter.

So, if you’re thinking about skiing Corbet’s Couloir, you better bring your A-game. It requires a combination of technical skill, courage, and a willingness to take on one of the most challenging runs in the world. But after you skied it, you can check it off your list and pop a nice cool PBR.

And remember, you can always just F’ing send it.

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