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Automatic Snowmaking: The Future of Snow Production in Ski Resorts


This season I’ve been skiing at Gore mountain a lot. The kids are in a ski program there, so the wife and I have been skiing with them when I’m not traveling for Unofficial business.

It’s been a subpar year for the east, but Gore mountain has been skiing great all season long. I know there is a ton of work that goes into getting the hill into such great shape (thank you for everyone’s hard work!), but I have to think that their relatively new state-of-the-art snowmaking has helped to make a huge difference.

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So let’s talk about KLIK AUTOMATIC snowmaking from HDK Snowmakers. This is some next-level technology that’s revolutionizing the way ski resorts produce snow. Forget about the old days of manually adjusting snow guns and hoping for the best – KLIK AUTOMATIC is taking snowmaking to the next level.

So what is KLIK AUTOMATIC? It’s an automated snowmaking system that uses real-time data to optimize snow production. This system is constantly monitoring temperature, humidity, and wind speed and adjusting the water flow, air pressure, and snow gun positioning to ensure the best possible snow quality and consistency.

Addtially, KLIK AUTOMATIC can operate in a wide range of weather conditions, which means ski resorts can produce snow earlier and later in the season. Plus, this technology helps to minimize waste and reduce energy consumption, making snow production more sustainable and cost-effective.

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This technology helps to ensure consistent snow coverage across the mountain, even in challenging weather conditions. One way it does this is by capitalizing on small weather windows. This is because the system can be turned on and off without anyone needing to boot up and snowmobile up the hill.

What is even more bonkers is that this whole system can be controlled from a smartphone! I mean, are we living in the future or what.

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