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French Hospital Overwhelmed With 80-100 Ski Injuries Per Day As Temperatures Stay Mild


Mild temperatures, inconsistent snow quality, and an increase in skiers and snowboarders on the mountains have caused one French hospital to become overwhelmed, taking in 80-100 people with ski related injuries per day. According to The Connexion, the Hôpital Sud de Grenoble has seen a significant spike in patients proportional to the increase of ski mountain visitors.

“We are getting between 80 to 100 people per day. The problem is with the acceptance of patients, whether we can hospitalise them and especially if they need surgery. For example, on Sunday [February 19] alone, we had to transfer patients to Lyon [hospital] for fractures that needed surgical intervention. There was no more space in Grenoble. It’s catastrophic.” Dr. Jean-Jacques Banihachémi, head of the emergency department

Femur, knee, leg, shoulder, and wrist fractures have all been increasing and causing significant problems for the hospital, as they require fairly intense surgical intervention. While the slopes have seen a record number of skiers as more and more people begin to travel following several years of Covid interruptions, emergency rooms have begun to struggle more and more.

Before getting on the mountain, make sure you know and understand the skiers responsibility code. Do what you can to avoid injury, no matter where you’re skiing. Do your best to not be the reason an emergency room fills up, please.

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