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WATCH: FWT Kicking Horse Winners React To Their Wins


Last week’s Freeride World Tour stop in Kicking Horse was… pretty insane. The men’s ski category, specifically, went harder than nearly any other freeride competition I’ve seen in the past, but every category was incredible.

It doesn’t seem like we get post-competition interviews in the Freeride World Tour too often, but the idea of being able to hear what the winners have to say about their runs and the competition in general is a very nice feature.

Also, Max Hitzig‘s reaction to the incredible backflip he completed is pretty funny. It’s just a little bit too casual for what he actually did during his run.

“Yeah, I just wanted to hit this jump for the last 3 or 4 years, and now I did it. It felt so unreal to hit this jump and I was really scared, but I’m glad I did it and it worked out pretty well.” -Max Hitzig

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Image Credit: Freeride World Tour via YouTube

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