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Rowdy Moose Kicks Dog-Walking Woman In Head (Watch)


A woman from Anchorage, Alaska was brutally kicked in the head by a rowdy moose earlier this week.

According to Alaska’s News Source, Tracy Hansen walks her dog Gunner down the same path three times a day.

Hansen passed the moose earlier in her walk, but it’s unclear what provoked the animal to charge and kick her.

The video below was captured by Kate Timmons from the passenger seat of her vehicle. Her husband was driving.

Check out the terrifying moment below:

Moose runs up and kicks a woman in the head while she was walking her dog in Alaska
by u/kellenbrent in CrazyFuckingVideos

Here’s an excerpt from the article by Alaska’s News Source of how the event played out for Hansen in real-time:

“I thought someone had not been paying attention and hit me with a bike or something,” Hansen said. “I had put my hands up to my head, and I’m like, ‘I’m bleeding.’”

It was not until she sat up that she realized that a moose that she and her dog had walked past earlier in the evening was now in front of her.

Hansen needed stitches, but did not suffer any serious or life-threatening injuries. Thank goodness.

At least she has a cool story to tell her friends the next time they all go ice fishing:

“Ooooh yeah. That big ‘ol moose socked me right in the back of the head I tell ya what. I was gonna head home and slap a cold cut of caribou on it, but I guess I had to go to the hospital or whateva.”

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