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Land Rover To Release Deer Valley Edition Range Rover Sport


The idea of the perfect ski car is one that will always be up for debate. Some people think luxury, some people think cost-effective, and some people think road conditions. Though there will likely never be a consensus on the best car for ski trips, car companies will continue to create and release vehicles designed specifically to catch the attention of skiers.

At a special event in Park City, Utah, Land Rover debuted the 2023 Range Rover Sport Deer Valley Edition. With a price tag of $165,000, only 20 of these custom tailored vehicles are set to be built.

The car features an exclusive Deep Gloss Vermillion Red wrap and 23″ Satin Dark Grey wheels (along with additional winter use wheels and tires). Additionally, it’s meant to come with a custom fitted roof box for your skis, and the doors are marked with “DEER VALLEY EDITION” and a note saying that the vehicle is one of only 20. The twenty individuals enough who are lucky enough to purchase the car will also receive a custom pair of Hinterland Skis.

Guests of Range Rover House will be the first people given the opportunity to purchase the vehicle, and $5000 from each vehicle sale ($100,000 total) will be donated to Youth Sports Alliance.

Image Credit: Land Rover via Facebook

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