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WATCH: Candide Thovex Is Still A Master In The Park


Candide Thovex is widely known as the GOAT of freeskiing amongst fans across the world.

The Flying Frenchmen keeps that reputation by dropping short clips of him burning down resort runs, flying high in the backcountry, and sending spicy technical lines.

That’s all fine and good, but some of you out there may have forgotten that our main man Candide got his start by throwing big tricks in the park.

Click here to check out Candide in MSP’s 2003 film ‘Focused’.

Candide proves that he’s still got plenty of style when hitting park features in the short video below. Watch as he goes for the 3-5-s3 combo on a knuckle:

Sheeeeeesh. So smooth!

Other skiers are clearly capable of landing that combo, but nobody can lace it up as smoothly as Candide.

I’m gonna watch that a few more times. You should too.

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