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FOR SALE: The Invisible House In Joshua Tree ($18 Million)


There aren’t many homes in North America that are as futuristic as the Invisible House in Joshua Tree, California. The four-bedroom, five-bathroom house got its name because the mirrors help the structure seemingly disappear into the desert landscape. In my opinion, its main strength is its proximity to Joshua Tree National Park, which is only a short drive away from the house.

Some features of the house include an 86-inch LG 4K TV, four king-size beds, a 100-foot custom indoor swimming pool, an Arteflame barbecue grill that can convert into a fire pit, and access to multiple hiking trails.

Last month, the Invisible House was listed for sale on Zillow for $18 million. The current owners rent the space for filming productions, photo shoots, outdoor events, and vacation rentals.

You can view the listing here. Yesterday, YouTuber Enes Yilmazer released a video tour of the Invisible House, which you can watch below.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: The Invisible House, Enes Yilmazer

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