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Letter To The Editor: Skiing In Vermont Is Overrated


Dear Unofficial Networks,

As someone who has traveled extensively and experienced skiing in numerous destinations around the world, I cannot understand how the ski areas of Vermont got so overrated, and I’m astounded that anyone could argue otherwise.

I’m not saying that skiing in Vermont is not great. I love skiing in the Green Mountains, but the fact is that it’s seen by many on the East Coast as the end-all and be-all of eastern skiing. And it simply isn’t.

The state does have its own unique charm, but this seems to be more of a draw than the actual skiing. I mean, are these people here to eat cheese or go skiing?  If you’re looking for a truly memorable skiing experience, look elsewhere. There are plenty of other ski areas that offer a better overall experience, with more challenging terrain, better snow quality, and a real ski culture.

But the real issue I have with skiing in Vermont is the overcrowding. Ski areas a packed with too many people. Parking is a nightmare, liftlines are atrocious, and the ski runs are dangerously overcrowded. The funny thing is most of these people coming to Vermont are looking to get away from people but end up in liftlines and packed cafeterias. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

So let’s stop pretending that skiing in Vermont is something uniquely special. It’s not. It’s overrated and not worth your time. Take your ski boots and your money elsewhere, and leave Vermont’s slopes to those who don’t know any better.


Anthony from Fairfield, Connecticut

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