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Alta Ski Area Surpasses 500″ Of Snow Earlier Than Any Other Season To Date


Alta Ski Area officially surpassed 500 inches of snow for the 2022/23 season this past week, reaching 502″ on Wednesday, February 15. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Alta was officially having its deepest season to date as of Wednesday, though the 1981-82 season saw a storm through February 16-17, bringing that years total over 502″.

Alta sees an average snowfall of 540″, with the 500 inch mark usually reached by mid-February for the best season. Another major storm could bring up to 44 new inches of snow to the mountain between February 20-22, meaning the resort could be above its average snowfall with several months still left to go.

“No other winters have we surpassed 500 [inches] on Valentine’s Day. In 1982 we had 497 [inches] on Valentine’s Day.” – Alta spokesperson Andria Huskinson

Brighton Resort is remarkably close to the 500 inch mark with a YTD total of 498″, the second most in Utah. Snowbird, located just next to Alta, is reporting a 471″ YTD, and Solitude, located just up the road from Brighton, reports a 431″ YTD.

As of now, Alta Ski Area is still a solid 246″ away from 1981-82’s record seasonal total of 748″, but that number could be surpassed in just a few storms.

Image Credit: Alta Ski Area via Facebook

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