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Don’t Overlook Costa Sunglasses As A Solid Ski Option


When you think of Costa sunglasses, you probably think of casting flies for Bonefish off the Bahamas or blue water trophy fishing on a 60-foot Viking. The Sunglass Company has made a strong name for itself as premium eyewear for anglers in boaters. But these premium sunglasses also perform well in mountain environments from dawn patrol to apres ski.

Costa has built a reputation for making some of the best lenses in the business. So whether you’re bending rods or sucking down some cold ones on a sundeck in Colorado, these lenses give you the proper protection and comfort you’re are looking for. Costa offers a variety of lens options, each designed for specific activities and environments. For skiing, their 580P and 580G lenses are the most popular. These lenses are polarized, which means they reduce glare and enhance contrast, making it easier to see the terrain ahead. They also have 100% UV protection, so you can rock them all day without worrying about damaging your eyes.

Granted, the company does not make true alpine shades for ski touring or mountaineering like the POC Devour (our pick for best backcountry ski sunglasses), but Costa is still worth a closer inspection due to their high-quality build. 

Our pick is the Switchfoot Rectangular Sunglasses. They are a bit more stylish than some of their other pairs, and they sit nicely on the face.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality pair of sunglasses for skiing, you can’t go wrong with Costa. Their polarized lenses, durable frames, and comfortable fit make them a great choice for any skier, and their commitment to sustainability is an added bonus.

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