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Letter To The Editor: Interstate 70 Is A Disgrace To The State Of Colorado


Hey Unofficial Network guy,

I’m probably just yelling into the void here, but my frustration with Interstate 70 in Colorado is at its breaking point. I have driven this highway more times than I care to count, and each time I do, I feel like I’m taking my life into my own hands.

This road is a F’in nightmare. The highway is a virtual parking lot on the weekends, with cars and trucks and SUVs all jostling for position like a pack of rabid dogs. I’ve spent countless hours stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, watching my life slowly tick away. It’s enough to make a man go insane.

And then there’s the road itself. It’s a total disaster. Potholes and cracks mar the surface, making it a treacherous minefield for any driver. It’s like the state government has completely forgotten how to repair roads. I’m not sure if they’re trying to save money or if they’re just completely incompetent, but either way, it’s a disgrace.

But the toll lanes – dear god, the toll lanes. Every time I see cars wizz by in toll lanes, I feel a surge of anger rises up inside me. It’s like the state government is trying to bleed every last penny out of anyone who dares to hit the slopes. I’m not sure what’s worse – the toll lanes themselves or the rich, entitled (blanks) they are built for.

And why are there no alternatives? There’s only one major road connecting Denver to the mountains, and there are few options for bypassing the traffic. It’s as if the state government is content to let us rot in our cars.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple: the state government needs to invest in the infrastructure necessary to make driving to the mountains safe and enjoyable. That means repairing the road, providing alternatives for getting to the mountains, and eliminating the tolls. It means recognizing that skiing and snowboarding are important parts of the state’s economy and treating them with the respect they deserve.

I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But we can’t just sit back and let things continue the way they are. We need to demand change. We need to make our voices heard. We need to take a stand against the incompetence and greed that have characterized the state government’s handling of I-70.

It’s time to make a change. It’s time to take the road back from the brink of disaster. It’s time for the state government to do its damn job and provide us with a safe, reliable, and enjoyable way to get to the mountains.

Robert Thompson, Denver Colorado

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