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Yellowstone Buffalo Charges Snowcoach And Throws A Fit

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This is what I thought of when I watched the videos below.

During the winter months, we see fewer close-up animal / human encounters in Yellowstone National Park.

This is most likely a result of the park being covered in snow and the fact that the moronic visitors who like approaching elk and trampling on thermal zones don’t often come until mid-summer.

Thankfully, no one is acting recklessly in today’s video, which is entirely wholesome.

In the film, a snow coach in Yellowstone—basically a bus on snow tracks—is halted by an irate bison. He really, really does not want them to continue their journey.

He repeatedly charges the car before having a funny meltdown and writhing about in the snow. He makes me think of a little child who is unable to leave their closest friend’s birthday celebration.


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