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VIDEO: Snowboarder Fails To Jump Skier For Stunt


Long before the days of social media, skiers and snowboarders were throwing tricks on the mountains to impress their friends.

Now, with the explosion of social media, it seems like everybody is trying out stunts on the mountain for clout online.

You can’t blame them either. Social media followers have become a status symbol at this point, and everybody is clawing to reach the top.

The video below shows a skier and snowboarder attempting a stunt that does not go according to plan.

Check it out:

It seems like the snowboarder was attempting to jump over the skier, but uh… yeah… that definitely didn’t happen.

Thankfully both of them are okay, according to the description.

Just remember folks- if you’re gonna do something crazy on the slopes, make sure you have a GoPro rolling.

Your recklessness is worth nothing if you don’t record it… 😂

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