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Skiers Randomly Meet Candide Thovex In Lift Line (Watch)


Two skiers were ripping around Candide Thovex’s home resort of La Clusaz, France earlier this month when their dreams came true.

Not only did they rip powder all day long, they actually met the living legend himself in the lift line at the bottom of the resort.

The video is embedded to start at the moment they meet Candide, but you should rewind and watch the whole thing to watch these guys send it all over the resort.

Check out the video below:

[embedded content]

Candide is so mysterious that this video feels extra rare.

I’m sure the Frenchman meets people out on the resort all of the time, but it feels special that these guys recorded a genuine interaction with him about snow conditions.

Also pretty sweet that the one guy was rocking a pair of Faction Candide 4.0s when he met the man himself.

What a cool moment. I wish it happened to me.

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