Home Gear Skier Illegally Deploys Paraglider At Small Ski Area (Video)

Skier Illegally Deploys Paraglider At Small Ski Area (Video)


The video below shows a skier illegally deploying a paraglider wing on the slopes of Granite Peak Ski Area in Wausau, WI.

Full disclosure- Granite Peak Ski Area is the largest ski area in Wisconsin, and is actually fairly large by Midwestern standards.

It’s unclear when exactly this video was recorded.

Check it out below:

I have a feeling that Granite Peak isn’t thrilled that somebody was literally flying around the hill, but at least there wasn’t anybody else around.

Just to cover our bases, I’m going to write a stupid disclaimer-

We do not condone deploying a paraglider wing at a ski resort without acquiring the proper permissions from the ski resort… blah… blah… legal jargon… blah…blah…professionals only…supervised stunts…blah…

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