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Chelsea Handler On Avoiding Whistler Ski Patrol For Annual Topless Ski Video


The Hollywood Reporter recently published a guest column by comedian Chelsea Handler.

Handler, who has developed somewhat of a reputation for skiing topless every year on her birthday, talked about having to avoid ski patrol to get the job done:

Every winter, we have to plan and coordinate my birthday skiing video: topless videos where I have little flags covering my nipples and I wear a bikini bottom and have a margarita in one hand and a joint in the other.

It’s become an annual thing. One year, I posted my birthday video, and they thought it was in real time, so ski patrol was skiing all around the resort trying to look for me because they thought I was skiing around naked.

I was like, “Guys, I filmed this three days ago! You’re late to the party!”

Here are a couple of clips of Handler’s topless birthday runs in years past:

You can read the full column here.

I mean this in the most unweird way possible- I really, and I mean really want to celebrate Chelsea Handler’s birthday with her in Whistler.

No, get your head out of the gutter. I’m not saying that because she skis around topless.

Honestly- I just want to be there as a fly on the wall to observe how she celebrates. It’s gotta be fun, right?

Something tells me the annual topless skiing with a margarita and a blunt is only the tip of the iceberg for Handler’s birthday festivities.

Stay tuned for this year’s video. Her birthday is coming up.

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