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Introducing Your 2023 King & Queen Of Corbet’s Couloir


This year’s Kings & Queens of Corbet’s competition wasn’t livestreamed, and while fans were disappointed, clips of athletes sending it big have spread around the internet like wildfire.

Notably, Veronica Paulsen became the first woman to attempt a double backflip into Corbet’s. You can watch that clip here.

Skiers and snowboarders just can’t get enough of the best athletes in the world sending it on one of the world’s most famous trails.

Without further ado, here is your 2023 King & Queen of Corbet’s:

2023 King of Corbet’s: Colby Stevenson (@colby_stevenson)

Check out Stevenson sending it switch into Corbet’s. This trick surely helped him secure the title as king:

2023 Queen of Corbet’s: Claire McPherson (@clairemcpherson_)

Here’s McPherson’s second run:

Jackson Hole is publishing a competition recap show on February 14th.

We’ll be sure to post it here on Unofficial Networks as soon as it’s live!

Featured and Header Image Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

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