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Contractor Converts 8.5 x 20ft Cargo Trailer Into Stealthy Tiny Home


What do you do if you’re a handy dude and you want a mobile living situation…you buy a simple cargo trailer, bust out the tools and hand build everything to your own specs.  Jim is a contractor of 25 years and he built this stealth house on wheels in just 2 months. Enjoy the walk through and draw inspiration if you’re thinking of making a DIY rig:

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“Jim is a self-employed contractor that left his recent home of 25 years and built a DIY tiny house in 2 months! His 8 1/2 X 20′ cargo trailer is super stealthy and serves as his home and traveling workspace. The garage situated in the back has enough tools to build an entire house! The interior is wide open and clean, with five different types of wood making up the gorgeous natural tones.

He likes his space without clutter, so there are plenty of hidden storage compartments and enough room to store the rest. His cabinets are designed with African Soprano that he’s held onto for 15 years, just waiting for the perfect spot to put it! The awesome murphy bed is equipped with an ATV wench that lowers by remote control and completely disappears when fully put away. This DIY build is a fun, spacious, and simple bachelor pad that otherwise looks like a typical trailer going down the road.”

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