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Slide Brook Express @ Sugarbush To Open Again After 2 Year Hiatus


After two years of sitting still, the world’s longest detachable quad, the Slide Brook Express Quad at Sugarbush, will spin once again. The lift will be open to visitors beginning on February 11th, connecting Sugarbush’s Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen over a 2.09 mile lift ride in both directions. Sugarbush announced the opening in a social media post on Friday, February 10, stating that the lift will run from 10am to 3:15pm everyday.

“Move over @tombrady, there’s a new king of the “coming out of retirement” announcement📣 For the first time in 2 years, the Slide Brook Express Quad will be OPEN to the public tomorrow!”

Slide Brook Express was left unopened last season due to staffing shortages in both lift maintenance and lift operations. The lift tends to require pretty heavy snowfall before opening, as the road between the two peaks needs to be safely snow covered for vehicles in the case of an evacuation or other emergency.

If you’ve never ridden the Slide Brook Express Quad, I can tell you that it’s long. For context, KT-22 at Palisades Tahoe is around 1557 meters, the aerial tram at Snowbird is around 2559 meters, and Slide Brook is around 3359 meters. Despite it’s length, though, the ride still only takes approximately 12 minutes in ideal conditions.

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Featured Image Credit: Sugarbush, Vermont via Instagram

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