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VIDEO: Wild Boar Attacks Snowboarder @ Japanese Ski Resort


“Wild bore ran into me and broke my snowboard binding….this is what our customer said when we came back into the shop. I said No Way. A for effort, good story. Well believe it or not someone filmed it. This is the proof.” –Joey’s Ski & Snowboard Shop

Wild video out of Niigata Prefecture in central Japan where a boar attacked a snowboarder on the slopes of Alpen Blick Snow Resort in Myoko City.  After taking one snowboarder to the ground, the boar switched directions targeted another man who was able to defend himself by swinging his snowboard at it. NHK reports resort officials and police say the animal was 1-meter long and took off after staff sounded a snowmobile siren. Alpen Blick Snow Resort manager Hazawa Kazuhiko says this is the first time a boar has appeared at the resort and says they will increase patrols and take other precautions.

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