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VIDEO: Epic Mission To Snowboard Norway’s Most Unforgiving Lines


“Last season we made a movie where our goal was to ride three of the biggest lines on the highest mountain in the Lyngen Alps, Jiehkkevarri. The arctic winter challenged us both physically and mentally, and we really got to test our boundaries and limits.” -Krister Kopala

The scope of this mission to shred some of Norway’s most high consequences pitches is summed up perfectly with Krister Kopala’s commentary “All my work for 26 years comes down to this line. This isn’t just snowboarding, its surviving.”

If your in the mood for a some real deal, no BS, super steep big mountain edge control porn, this is will resonate. Good on Rab for supporting ambitious film projects like this, check out their gear HERE:

“Last year, Rab athlete Krister Kopala dedicated his season to riding some of the most unforgiving lines on Jiehkkevárri, the highest and arguably most remote mountain in Norway’s Lyngen Alps. With its 1100 vertical meters of rock, ice, snow and no fall zones, the massive South Face, was by far the most intimidating line of them all. ‘The White Giant’, documents Krister’s journey on this impressive mountain and his project to ride the steepest lines of his life.”

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