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This 12-Year-Old Skier Is Way Better Than You (Watch)


Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to skiing’s next phenom- Walker Woodring, AKA Walker Shredz.

Walker is a 12-year-old from Park City, Utah, and he’s already taking the freesking world by storm.

Check out the segment he filmed for Matchstick Productions‘ ‘Anywhere From Here’ below:

[embedded content]

Matchstick Productions: “It can be easy to forget that Walker Woodring, aka, Walker “Shredz”, is only 12 years old!

This young phenom has exploded onto the scene and it’s easy to see why! Check out some of Walker’s best action from his debut Matchstick appearance in #AnywhereFromHere! The future is bright!!”

Can you imagine being 12-years-old and landing a segment with one of the biggest names in ski movie productions? Unreal.

Here’s hoping Walker keeps progressing and leads the next generation of skiers for years to come!

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