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A Brief Observation On The Etymology of The Term “SEND IT”


The late great Jamie Pierre^^^


The verb “send it” is heavily used in the world of action sports these days. To ‘send it’ means to throw caution to the wind and go senselessly big. Our blogger Tony going huge before blowing up in Corbet’s Couloir is the perfect example of the phrase.

There are many variations of this term. Among the most popular variations are “Joe just sent that cliff” or “Jessica got real ‘sendy’ today.” Or “that guy is so gnarly they should call him Send-a-Saurus Rex”.

Upon plenty of research using highly unreliable sources like Reddit, Urban Dictionary, and various blogs, the consensus is that “send it” originated as a rock climbing term in the early 1990s. The term was originally used to describe a seamless ascent of a rock wall.

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Visually, the idea of watching a climber “send it” up a route is about as exciting as watching paint dry (*personal preference). Watching a guy with a mullet and a Canadian tuxedo sending a gap on a 20-year-old sled is far more stimulating in my opinion. Here’s to sending it into the weekend. Happy Friday!

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