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VIDEO: “DAISY BELL” Avalanche Mitigation Operations @ Chamonix, France


Looks like the folks at Chamonix Mont-Blanc Helicoptères got creative with their GoPro mounts and captured some really sweet perspectives of their avalanche mitigation operations in the French Alps. That device you see slung between the landing skids is a DaisyBell® which uses a combination of oxygen, hydrogen, and a spark to deliver pinpoint explosions without many of the risks involved in using live ordinance. Really cool system, more info below:

DaisyBell® is an innovative avalanche control solution is a mobile system, easily transportable by helicopter (with 15 to 30 m sling) and is ideal for inaccessible or particularly troublesome avalanche areas, depending on the conditions encountered.

FLEXIBLE: « for optimized effectiveness »

  • Possible to deal with a large number of slide paths with a single system.
  • Choice of height of explosion position depending on the snowpack.
  • Precise positioning of the impact, even on a steep slope (no duds or sliding of the explosive).

SAFE: « to control the risk »

  • No handling of explosives or human intervention in the area to be made safe to position the explosion above the snowpack.
  • Readily supplied (short and long term) consumables (oxygen & hydrogen) at low cost and with no significant constraints on storage.
  • No risk of unexploded charges.
  • Shots can be viewed on site and avalanche outcomes recorded.

PROFITABLE: « for rapid return on investment »

  • Time saved before, during and after the operation.
  • Training and approval requirements are minimal.
  • Very low cost per shot.
  • Only a single operator needed in the helicopter.
  • Very rapid implementation: 5 seconds per firing, 10 seconds waiting time between shots.


  • Transported by helicopter using a 15-30 meter sling
  • Considered as a non-explosive gas appliance by air traffic authorities
  • Charge capacity based on storage capacity for cylinders: 50 to 70 firings
  • Weight: 390 kg excluding cylinders
  • Self-sufficient in power: electrically powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Gas injection time: 5 seconds
  • Operated from the helicopter cockpit (radio link) using the portable remote control
  • Certified operations to –30°C
  • Integrated measurement of distance relative to the ground by laser rangefinder
  • Developed to comply with European CE Directives
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images from tas.fr

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