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How Japan Plans To Generate Electricity From Snow


Aomori, Japan is the snowiest city in the world.

The city averages a whopping 26 feet (312 inches, ~8m) of snow every single year. That’s as much as many western US ski resorts pick up annually.

The video below by Innovative Techs explores how Aomori plans to turn their excessive amount of snow into a viable electricity source.

Check it out:

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“The era of solar energy began in 1950 when Bell Labs focused on the development of photovoltaic cells (PV) and created the first solar panels. The breakthrough was made by Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson. The efficiency of their creation was 4%.

Since then, solar energy has made a leap in development, and the efficiency of today’s solar panels reaches more than 23%. As a result of this, countries with a lot of sunny days can generate clean electricity by making full use of the power from the sun.

For example, in the UAE, the world’s largest power plant was built for this purpose. But what about countries where it is cold and there is a lot of snow? Not everyone is as lucky as Iceland, which literally is located on hot water. It seems that Japan has found a way out for cold regions–they have decided that it is possible to generate electricity from snow. How? We will talk about this in this video!”

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