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WATCH: Skiing Powder In The Desert


I just happened to stumble across this video, and after watching it, knew I had to share it with all of you.

Southern Utah is known for its stunning red rocks and picturesque desert vistas.

Most visitors enjoy these Mars-like landscapes in the summer, but Casey Berger and friends took advantage of the recent snowfall.

Watch as they score fresh lines in Red Canyon of Dixie National Forest surrounded by some of the most stunning ski-scapes I’ve ever seen!

[embedded content]

Casey Berger: “Justin, John, and I ventured into Red Canyon of Dixie National Forest and got some of the craziest lines in Utah. The terrain was incredible and the snow was amazing. Who knew the desert could ski so well…”

Incredible, right?

The lines aren’t the steepest, deepest, or all that challenging, and that’s completely okay.

Instead, this video embodies what I feel is most important about skiing- having fun.

I could tell that these guys were beyond stoked just to be out skiing in a jaw-dropping setting surrounded by their friends.

What more can you ask for?

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