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WATCH: Is Colorado Or Utah Better For A Ski Vacation?


Utah vs. Colorado has become one of the greatest North American skiing debates. Utah devotees love the greatest snow on earth, while people who ski in Colorado like the expansive resorts, which feature towns that have things to do when you’re off the slopes.

The folks over at PeakRankings posted another great video yesterday, as they compared and contrasted the skiing meccas of Colorado and Utah. Some of the comparisons included the varying terrain difficulties, lodging costs, the challenge of getting there, resort towns, and which resorts are on the mega passes.

I prefer Utah due to the more reliable snowfall/deeper storms, more convenient options for Ikon passholders, and the shorter drive from the airport. I do like Colorado though for its actual ski towns, the après-ski experience, high alpine terrain, and expansive ski resorts, but dealing with I-70 is tough.

The video from PeakRankings is below, and a full breakdown of their comparison is attached here.

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Peak Rankings

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