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Burke Mountain Is Dealing With Plumbing Issues


In case you missed it, the weather was brutally cold in the Northeast this past weekend. The wind chill made temperatures drop well below zero degrees, and Mt. Washington set a record for the coldest wind chill ever recorded in the United States. Ski resorts in the region dealt with a variety of issues, with many electing to close on Friday and/or Saturday.

One of the biggest examples of this was Burke Mountain in Vermont. Their first flood occurred Saturday at the Burke Mountain Hotel and Conference Center. They haven’t explained the exact cause of the floods, but extremely cold temperatures make it possible for water pipes to burst. This lodge has remained closed to guests in order for staff and contractors to clean up the damage.

The situation somehow got worse on Sunday, with the Sherburne Base Lodge being shut down with a flood going on there as well. After some cleanup was done, the guest services window reopened at the Sherburne Lodge. The Mid Burke Lodge was the only lodge available that had food and beverage options yesterday.

Burke Mountain is now working on getting the other lodges open. They’re working on getting Sherburne open as early as Tuesday, and then aim to get the hotel back online at some point in the near future. If you need to use a lodge at Burke today, head over to the Mid Burke Lodge.

Image Credits: Burke Mountain

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