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WATCH: Three Easy Tricks To Improve Your Freeride Skiing


First of all, if you aren’t familiar with Stomp It Tutorials, I highly recommend  going through their YouTube page to see if there are any other videos that might apply to you. They’ve got quick video lessons on pretty much everything skiing related, from beginner lessons to much more advanced technique.

I don’t know if I’d really call all of the moves in this video ‘tricks’, per se, but they can definitely improve your style and looks on the mountain, so they definitely won’t hurt to learn! The video covers powerslides, drops, and buttering, all of which are fairly easy and fairly neat to figure out.

“In this freeride ski tutorial, you will learn 3 easy ski tricks to do in the powder. We first learn how to powerslide then how to drop cliffs on skis, and finally how to nose butter in powder.” Stomp It Tutorials

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