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This Restaurant Serves Up Incredible Views Of Crashing Waves (Watch)


La Jolla Restaurant on the Water – The Marine Room

La Jolla Restaurant on the Water – The Marine Room

Have you ever wished you could eat in a restaurant that’s constantly being battered by huge waves?

No? Well you might want to after learning more about the Marine Room.

The Marine Room is a high-end restaurant near San Diego, California that stretches over the crashing waves of La Jolla Bay.

Check out what dining at high tide looks like:

[embedded content]

Pretty neat, right?

Here’s more info about the historic restaurant:

“Embark on a culinary adventure featuring seafood creations made with globally-influenced flavors, and enjoy an elegant fine dining experience at our La Jolla restaurant on the surf.

Take part in an over 80-year tradition and join fellow San Diegans, visitors, celebrities, and world figures in dining at eye-level to dramatic waves on La Jolla Shores.

Dine at high tide for captivating views, or host a celebratory dinner for a memorable affair. Since 1941, the iconic “Seahorse” symbol has become synonymous with impeccable cuisine, served in front of a panoramic window with ocean, cove, and sunset views.

During this time, The Marine Room has earned countless accolades and awards, including Open Table’s 100 Most Scenic Restaurants in America and San Diego Magazine’s Most Romantic Restaurant and Best Chef.”

Check out the video created by YouTube channel YurView California on the history of The Marine Room.

The drone shots of the waves crashing against the restaurant are incredible.

[embedded content]

You might be wondering how The Marine Room survives the endlessly-crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The windows are made with bullet-proof glass and the building’s structure is made with reinforced steel beams covered in Gunite, a material used to construct swimming pools.

It’s built to withstand the onslaught of waves, but the restaurant has flooded twice since 1941.

Here’s more info from Lajolla.com:

“While The Marine Room seems impervious to the crashing tides now, Mother Nature has breached the restaurant’s glass walls in the past. The first breach happened in 1941, when a roaring surge flooded the restaurant.

Eventually, The Marine Room rebuilt — and, this time, used bulletproof glass in its construction. This invention helped the restaurant keep the waves out until 1982. However, the bulletproof glass didn’t fail at that time. Instead, years of salt water exposure had corroded the steel I-beams.

After that incident, the restaurant took nine months to rebuild its iconic dining room. This time, it used reinforced steel covered in Gunite — a material used to construct swimming pools. The Marine Room also upped the ante with even more durable bulletproof glass.”

I’m adding The Marine Room to my ever-growing list of bucket list restaurants. I gotta see it for myself!

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