Home Gear Jeremy Jones Dishes Out Heelside Turn Masterclasss

Jeremy Jones Dishes Out Heelside Turn Masterclasss

Stance: 35° Front 15° Back 18.5” Width

Loving this post featuring Jeremy Jones and Garrett Warnick going through the finer points of heelside turns. There’s eons of highly technical instruction videos focusing on the minutia of turning for skiers to geek out on the but not nearly enough quality content on the snowboard side of things. Excellent food thought that might have you reaching for the phillips head:

“Talking heal turns with Garrett Warnick. The joke when I was racing is I would gain a second on my toe turns and lose two seconds on my heal turns. They still plague me but I have had major improvements the last few years. Mainly from focusing on my shoulder rotation through the turn.”

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