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This Texas Sledding Hill Has Snowmaking


I tell you what, you can GO sled on actual snow in Texas. Located in Levelland, which is in the Northwestern part of the state, the 80-foot-long Lobo Lake sledding hill has become part of the community’s winter traditions.

This experience is possible thanks to a Snow State snowmaking system, which allows them to make a lot of snow in a short amount of time. With it being in Texas, the times that it’s open are obviously limited, but an elevation of 3523 feet above sea level helps make it colder than most of the state. The efforts for getting the hill open are covered by Instagram user @southplainssnowmaking.

They reopened their hill today thanks to cold temperatures and a solid snowmaking effort. They were open back in December due to a cold front that hit the south, but warmer temperatures kept them closed for a while.

Congrats to Lobo Lake sledding hill for reopening! Hopefully, we can see some ski hills emerge over there as well. Ok, that may be a tad bit too optimistic on my end.

Image Credits: South Plains Snowmaking

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