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Tanner Hall Nails Tree, Forced To Pull Out Of Freeride World Tour (Video)


Tanner Hall was set to make a wildcard appearance in the Freeride World Tour’s Stop at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in two weeks, but a recent injury has forced him to withdraw.

Hall shared a video of the incident to his Instagram, along with a description explaining what happened.

Check it out:

Tanner Hall:

“Yesterday was one of the scariest moments on my skis ever. I was trying to goalpost the trees and I have never misjudged speed as bad as I did on this one.

If I was going 15 mph faster I would of had it and I thank god my aim was on point cause if I was a few inches to the left or right it could have been terrible……

My right leg on the quadricep is really bruised and I’m so thankful my femer is all good and I’m walking with no problems but my shoulder took a serious hit and I have a non displaced fracture on my right shoulder blade.

It’s gonna be 6 to 8 weeks of healing time which means I will not be able to go to @kickinghorsemtn for the Freeride World Tour stop.

Gonna see a shoulder specialist asap to make sure nothing else is going on but I’m confident it’s gonna be all good just gonna do the smart thing and go see a doctor I trust, and I have the best physical therapist in the world who will help out the process @jesstidswell.”

We’re bummed we won’t be able to watch Tanner compete at Kicking Horse, and we’re wishing him a speedy recovery!

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