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Help Design The New Limited Edition Twix Snowboard


Lead Photo Credit: Twix

Which is your favorite side of the Twix bar?

Are you team Left Twix, or team right Twix?

Is there really even a difference?

There may not be any difference when it comes to the taste of the two sides of the Twix candy bar, but odds are, there will be a difference when it comes to the two sides of the limited edition Twix Snowboard that’s being created.

Yes, you read that correctly, Twix is making a snowboard.

In a recent announcement, Twix in partnership with snowboarder Maddie Mastro, will collaborate with fans across the country to create a custom-designed splitboard.

Splitboarding is hot like Hansel right now and Twix parent company Mars is looking to capitalize. The trend, which brings together two sides of the snowboard to experience backcountry powder bliss is very much like Twix bars itself which, together, give your taste buds a similar joyous experience.

This limited-edition splitboard, dubbed the TWIX ‘Doughboard,’ will celebrate new TWIX Cookie Dough hitting shelves nationwide and fans can help design it.

Designed by Maddie Mastro and…you

Photo Credit: Ryan Wachendorfer

The TWIX Doughboard will be handcrafted by snowboarders in Colorado and feature two truly unique designs. One half of the splitboard has been designed by Olympian Maddie Mastro and features a retro take on the classic TWIX logo. TWIX has left the other half of the splitboard blank, and is currently looking for fans to submit their own designs for the chance to be featured alongside Maddie’s design on the TWIX Doughboard

“As a TWIX fan, partnering with Mars to create the TWIX Doughboard is a dream come true,” said Maddie Mastro, professional snowboarder. “Splitboarding is one of my favorite things to do in the mountains, so it’s an incredible opportunity for one fan to be able to design half of the TWIX Doughboard.”

Photo Credit: Ryan Wachendorfer

Not only will the winner have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of their design being featured on this limited edition splitboard, but they will also get the chance to meet Maddie Mastro at a ski resort in the United States later this winter. There they will be the first to receive and test out the brand-new TWIX Doughboard.

“We are excited to give consumers the opportunity to collaborate on the TWIX Doughboard design with our talented partner, Maddie Mastro,” said Samantha Urban, Brand Manager, Mars. 

So, if you love Twix bars and have ever dreamed of designing a snowboard,  now is your chance to get in on the action. Head over to the Twix Cookiedough site and submit your site before the contest ends on February 8.

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