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CU Football Coach ‘Neon’ Deion Sanders Calls Vail Weekend Getaway Life-Changing


Colorado Buffalos Football Coach Deion ‘Coach Prime’ Sanders visited Vail for the first time late last month, enjoying a weekend getaway in the ski town with his partner Tracy Edmonds. According to Vail Daily, despite suffering from a bout of elevation sickness, the ex-professional football and baseball player found the experience to be quite incredible.

“Vail, Colorado, changed my life, I’ll never be the same.” – Deion Sanders

Sanders participated in one of Sage Outdoor Adventures’ “silent treatment” snowmobile tours, in which guests are asked to take two minutes to enjoy and appreciate the silence of the Wolcott area wilderness. According to Sage Outdoor Adventures employee Brit Goldman explained that, despite the company doing its best effort to protect the anonymity of their guests, the couple’s social media posts caused quite a stir throughout Vail Valley.

“We were so excited that they had a great experience and decided to share it in that way. And it sounds like they were able to get out there and forget about everything, which is exactly what we want. Just getting to be a normal human being.” – Brit Goldman with Sage Outdoor Adventures

It’s great to see Deion Sanders enjoying the beauty of Colorado, especially given that he might be working in the state for a decent period of time! Hopefully he’ll have plenty of other opportunities to visit the iconic ski village!

Image Credit: Tracy Edmonds via Instagram

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