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Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning Introduces Two New Innovative Products


If you want to learn more about the latest innovations in the ski tuning industry, you’ve come to the right place. At the 2022 ISPO Munich Expo, various snowsport companies unveiled their latest products and technologies.  This week, Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning displayed two new products that aim to revolutionize the industry.

The first tuning product is the Slope Master service robot, whose target market is small to medium-sized ski shops. The automated tuning machine is made for skis and snowboards. It helps ski shops save space, and the greater efficiency helps them save on energy costs as well.

Frederik Klingenstein, who is the Sales Director at Reichmann & Sohn GmbH, said the following about the Slopemaster:

“The Slopemaster is our smallest automated service machine. It is a highly efficient solution, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that are on the cusp of switching from manual to automated service. Especially against the background of the shortage of skilled workers, the simple and intuitive operation enables the best results. With its small space requirement, versatile range of applications from alpine and cross-country skis to snowboards and jumping skis, and low-cost maintenance, the Slopemaster is a worthwhile, future-proof investment.”

Their second tuning product is the Glide Master 2.0. The Glide Master is focused on sustainability, as they have replaced traditional ski wax with a water-based, environmentally friendly fast-acting lubricant made from biodegradable ingredients.Typically, fluorine wax and kerosenes stay behind in the snow, and go into the slopes during the summertime, harming the environment. The new Glide Master prevents this cycle. This system works on all ski and snowboard systems and can last up to seven days.

Not all wax is bad, as mountainFlow Eco-Wax is aiming to change that. As they pointed out in their Shark Tank presentation, many waxing products cause serious harm to the environment, which leads the door open to products like the Glide Master 2.0. A video that shows off the Glide Master 2.0 in action is below.

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Image/Video Credits: Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning

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