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Mount Bohemia Adds Five New Glade Runs


^Skier enjoying fresh snow in Outer Limits section.

Mount Bohemia, MI already offers the best terrain of any ski area in the entire Midwest.

The modest (by western standards), yet challenging mountain is filled with steep glades, cliffs, and chutes that are loaded with nearly 300 inches of snow annually.

So, why is Mount Bohemia continuing to expand their terrain? The answer is simple- Boho is known for a lot of things, but the terrain is what keeps the skiers and riders coming back.

^An example of Bohemia’s perfectly-manicured and challenging glades runs. 

Mount Bohemia never wants their customers to get bored. That’s hard to do considering Bohemia’s already impressive resume of terrain, but adding five newly-gladed runs certainly doesn’t hurt.

Boho is debuting five new trails in the ‘Outer Limits’ section of the mountain. This area offers the longest runs, and the best snowpack thanks to the prevailing northwest winds.

^Mount Bohemia towers above Lake Superior, the snow storm making machine. 

Mount Bohemia picks up nearly 300 inches of lake effect snow throughout the season, and the ‘Outer Limits’ is the greatest benefactor of Lake Superior’s bountiful snow.

The five new glades are as follows: Orion, Little Dipper, Big Dipper, Meteor, and Fireball.

All runs can be accessed from either chairlift, and they send skiers out to the road where they can catch one of Boho’s frequently-running shuttles back to the base.

Orion was a hidden run next to Neptune that was poached by locals for years. Bohemia has decided to put it on the map as it gives skiers a mellow yet, powder-filled run that terminates at the bottom of Pluto.

Little Dipper and Big Dipper are wide-open and steep glades that serve up fantastic views of Lac La Belle on the other side of the road. You can access them from Neptune.

Meteor and Fireball are accessed by taking Black Hole to Shooting Star. Skiers can then pick Fireball if they’re looking for a steeper choice, or Meteor if their legs are on fire and they want a more mellow option.

All five news runs at Mount Bohemia are short in length, but they increase the overall variety that the mountain prides itself on.

^Mount Bohemia’s steep terrain stretches above the yurts and Nordic Spa below.

Anybody who has been to Boho will tell you that the mountain does a fantastic job at encouraging exploration and adventure. You can have endless fun venturing out to the Outer Limits, or any of Bohemia’s other areas for that matter, and just seeing where the mountain takes you.

Mount Bohemia will continue to expand their terrain offerings in the coming years. It’s what sets them apart from any ski area in the region, and puts them on par with the larger ski resorts out west.

There is so much to explore at Mount Bohemia. You just have to be willing to go along for the ride.

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