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Prada Releases $1,370 Après Ski Boots


Après ski boots are one of the few ski related luxuries I actually might try to get my hands on. LINE Skis makes several quite comfy looking pairs, The North Face has a few reasonably priced options, and there are several other companies selling fantastic shoes for après ski activities. If, however, you’re looking to find a more “high end” product, the new Prada nylon gabardine après-ski boots could be an option.

Thanks to their 40mm expanded rubber sole and lug treads, these boots give off both winter and military vibes all at once, and with the metal triangle Prada logo, they won’t go unnoticed. All of these features and more can be yours for a simple $1,370.

For that price, I doubt many of our readers will actually purchase a pair of these boots. Don’t be completely dissuaded from the idea of après boots, though! LINE’s options are much more affordable, with the Line Bootie 1.0 costing only $69.95! The North Face’s Nuptse Après Booties come in at $109, too. That’s much more palatable, isn’t it? But, if you like the luxury and are willing to spend a bit of money, check out the Prada boots!

Image Credit: Prada

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