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WATCH: Finding Yosemite’s Hidden Valley


I think most of us can agree that the worst part of National Parks is the crowds. No matter where or when you go, chances are you won’t be alone. Hetch Hetchy Valley, located north of Yosemite Valley, is one of those few National Park locations often left untouched by tourists, but it hasn’t remained untouched by people in general. While it was once designated to be protected forever, a San Francisco lead campaign pushed congress to allow the damming and flooding of Hetch Hetchy. Now, the gorgeous valley once inhabited by indigenous Americans sits under 300 feet of water.

Today, the group Restoring Hetch Hetchy is seeking to restore the valley to what it once was, removing the dam and reservoir while continuing to meet San Fransisco’s water and power requirements. To learn more and support their project, you can visit their website, hetchhetchy.org.

The following video, created and published by Restore Hetch Hetchy, shows the beauty contained in the flooded valley. It highlights the importance of returning the land to its original splendor while keeping in mind what went wrong and what went right in the development of Yosemite Valley. Make the time to give it a watch.

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Image Credit: Restore Hetch Hetchy via Instagram

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