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Think You Can Outrun A Grizzly? Think Again (Video)


Please show this video to anybody out there that thinks they could outrun a grizzly bear. Thank you in advance.

Video description:

“This video was taken on Dunraven Pass, Yellowstone National Park, July 2022. We first spotted this grizzly at around 3 miles away without our spotting scope.

He was only a speck in our lens at that point. This particular video was taken at around two miles out. Not exactly sure what started his sprint, but it lasted for two whole minutes. Something spooked him. I have a separate video showing him moving down a small hill, looking over his right shoulder, and then starting a full blown sprint.

About 30 minutes later, wolves were in the same area. There was also an old bison carcass a few hundred yards away, but only bones remained. Towards the end of the video this grizzly was really moving!

Oh, and of course the answer is a resounding NO…we cannot out run a grizzly bear.”

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