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Snowbird Hints At Tram Club Reopening


Snowbird announced back in July of 2021 that the iconic ‘Tram Club’ would be closing indefinitely.

The news was met with disappointment by thousands of skiers and riders that frequented the establishment over the last 27 years.

The Tram Club, before being shut down, was the only food and beverage option not owned by Snowbird itself.

It was a divey establishment that lacked windows to the outside, but made up for it with an undeniable charm, and an iconic look at the bull wheel of Snowbird’s tram.

Now, more than a year later, Snowbird has posted a cryptic video that seems to be hinting that the Tram club will return this season.

Give it a watch:

Notice the bull wheel spinning in the background? It’s definitely the Tram Club. The watering hole has also returned to Snowbird’s website. Check it out here.

Glad to see the Tram Club coming back! Here’s hoping it has the same vibe that made it so much fun for nearly three decades.

Stay tuned here at Unofficial Networks for all news related to The Tram Club and Snowbird. We got you covered!

Featured Image Credit: Snowbird

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