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The ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ Vibe Of Mount Bohemia, MI


Poor Man's Japan”- Mount Bohemia, MI | Unofficial Networks

Poor Man's Japan”- Mount Bohemia, MI | Unofficial Networks

‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ is one of the most underrated ski movies of all time. While the main focus isn’t on the skiing itself, the movie does a fantastic job romanticizing the après/party scene of ski resorts of yesteryear.

Believe it or not, there was a time when ski resorts were a hub for like-minded folks to gather together in celebration of snow, mountains, and skiing.

The experience on the slopes themselves was important, but what you did after was an equal part to the overall experience.

^The Nordic Spa hot tub and pool with Mount Bohemia in the background.

Now, it seems as if resorts accommodate guests so that they never have to leave their room after a day of skiing.

Rooms are fitted with HD Tv’s, super fast Wi-Fi, room service, and other amenities to cater to the reclusive family rather than the adventure-seeking individual.

As far as I know, Mount Bohemia, MI is the only ski area on the entire continent that actively works to preserve that retro/European après ski vibe that we only see in movies.

The day is only halfway over once the slopes shut down at Bohemia.

^The heated pool is a great place for hanging out or playing some volleyball.

The key to the après scene at Bohemia is the fantastic Nordic Pool & Spa. Boho has invested a ton of money into dialing in this experience, and it works. Plain and simple.

For starters, none of Boho’s accommodations have TVs.

This encourages nearly every guest to flock to the Nordic Spa for at least an hour or two of relaxation and conversation, and creates an impromptu community of quirky characters that bond over their shared experiences on the mountain.

Rather than isolating from each other by groups or families, the crowd regularly inter-mingles in the hot tub, cold pool, heated pool, sauna, steam room, and by the woodfire cauldron at The Nordic Spa. Pop into the conveniently placed adjacent Log Cabin Bar to grab a quick beverage and get right back to your spa experience.

Buying Bohemia’s $99 season pass grants you unlimited access to The Nordic Spa all year long. It’s an unbelievable deal.

^The Nordic Spa’s steam room.

This palpably-social vibe is something I’ve yet to experience anywhere else in the country.

The conversation is fueled by mutual interests in skiing and snowboarding, and the fantastic Nordic Spa bar keeps the guests lubricated with great beer, wine, and liquor options.

It’s anything but a typical après ski bar experience.

Mount Bohemia Nordic Spa - Home | MB Nordic Spa

Mount Bohemia Nordic Spa - Home | MB Nordic Spa

Where else can you come off the mountain, pop on a bathing suit, and walk over to a full-service spa with its own bar resting literally on a trail?

I applaud Mount Bohemia for creating a truly unique European-style ski vibe reminiscent of the one portrayed in  ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’ despite the way our society is devolving by social media and phones.

A trip to Bohemia is all about skiing powder, and celebrating it with friends, family, and strangers alike.

Mount Bohemia needs to be on the bucket list of every skier and snowboarder that’s looking for a new adventure. I can personally guarantee that you won’t find anything remotely close to it on the entire continent.

Take a dip in the time-traveling hot tub and enjoy a ski resort experience the way it should be. The Mount Bohemia way.

Mount Bohemia sells a season pass for just $99.

For less than the cost of a day pass at nearly every ski resort on the country, you can have a season pass to the powder-skiing mecca and après capital of the Midwest!

The pass is on sale from November 23rd to December 3rd. Click here for more information.

Featured Image Credit: Visit Keweenaw

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