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2023 Silver Mine Ski Jumping Invitational Has Been Cancelled


The Midwest ski jumping community got some bad news this week, as the 2023 Silver Mine Ski Jumping Invitational has been canceled. According to WEAU, they can’t host the event due to the large ski jump being unsafe. The issue is the wood decking that’s on top of the steel, so repairs are needed. Ski jumping in Union, Wisconsin, where the jump is situated, first began in the late 1800s,

It’s a massive loss for Union, as five thousand people typically show up for each day of the event. The economic damage is expected to be around a couple hundred thousand dollars.

The community still plans on hosting a ski jumping event on January 8th, but it will be with the smaller jumps. They’re currently speaking with a contractor to make the fixes, but the renovations will likely cost $2 million.

A video from FOX2548 & WIProud which describes the circumstances is below. 

[embedded content]

Image/Video Credits: Visit Eu Claire, FOX2548 & WIProud

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