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VIDEO: Wild Turkey Terrorizes Bikers Near DC


“Just riding along the path, this gigantic turkey just kind of, like, jumps up towards my face… almost claws me in the face. So, kind of knocked me off my bike, and then it proceeded to chase me around for, like, five minutes.” -DeDe Folarin

As we tuck in for our Thanksgiving feasts this afternoon, remember the wild version of that bird you’re eating is kind of a formidable animal if it decides to go into attack mode. Such was the case outside DC where a wild turkey went on the offensive against a couple cyclist on the the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. The man who captured the video below, DeDe Folarin, fought back and had this to say about the encounter:

“I put the phone down and picked up the biggest twig I could find and started whacking the bird twice. They can be very aggressive. They’re very fast and you’ve just never been attacked by a turkey before.”



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