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FUNNY: A Love Letter To The Ski Resort (Watch)


The guys over at Out of Collective have created a funny video explaining the trials and tribulations we all go through when set out for an early-morning tour at our local resort.

Why do we put ourselves through early-morning alarms, cold temps, and zero visibility at small ski resorts/areas? It’s not for the glory, that’s for sure.

Watch as Mr. AdamX of the Out of Collective narrates his daily “mission” at one of his local ski resorts.

There’s a little bit of a twist at the end that I couldn’t stop laughing at. Hope you enjoy!

[embedded content]

Out of Collective – Ski & Outdoor Media Network: “Thank you to our friends at Big Snow American Dream for opening their doors to us, even before opening, and allowing us to be the first to summit Mount Big Snow.”

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