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“The Boss”- Banff’s Legendary Grizzly That’s Fathered 70% Of All Cubs


“The Boss” is arguably the most famous grizzly bear in the world.

“The Boss” might be an intimidating name, but the bear isn’t known for being aggressive. In fact, he’s developed a reputation for coexisting with humans from afar.

He earned his legendary nickname thanks to his huge stature, his longevity, and his impressive reproductive resume. “The Boss” is believed to have fathered 70% of the cubs in the area.

Other legends claim that “The Boss” survived getting hit by a train.

Wildlife photographer Jason Leo Bantle had a recent encounter with “The Boss”, and he managed to take some stunning images from the safety of his car.

Check out Global News’ full report in the video below:

[embedded content]

Have you ever heard of a more badass animal?

A bear simply known as “The Boss” that’s a known cannibal, has survived getting hit by a train, and has single-handedly been responsible for nearly 3/4th of all the grizzly cubs born in an entire region? Incredible.

Somebody needs to make a biopic or documentary about “The Boss” if they haven’t already. I need more tales and fables of this legendary beast.

I can’t get enough of him.

Images Credit: Jason Leo Bantle via Global News

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