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Celebrity Chef Brad Leone Used To Bump Chairs @ Mountain Creek, NJ


Everybody has a least one positive takeaway from all that indoors time during the height of COVID and mine is getting a bit more comfortable in the kitchen thanks to videos from Bon Appétit featuring a lovable everyman named Brad Leone.

Brad’s stream of consciousness mush mouthed delivery while poking around his kitchen looking for acceptable ingredients made taking on never before tried recipes much more approachable. Whelp, Brad’s career path to culinary fame was circuitous for sure with a series of jobs including studying to enter law enforcement, union glazer and a profession that we know a little something about…bumping chairs at New Jersey’s Mountain Creek Ski Resort.

Glad he finally made his way into the kitchen and then in front of the camera but he had stuck to lift ops in NJ I’m sure he’d have been a local celebrity. Awesome dude. If you’re looking for a cool gift for a chef in your life I recommend Brad’s cookbook Field Notes for Food Adventure BUY HERE:

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