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Wild Wolf Shows Impressive Speed On Snowy Road (Watch)


Two motorists encountered a wolf sprinting down a snowy road in Canada, and recorded the encounter with a phone. The car was apparently traveling 40 kp/h (~25mph) and the wolf was staying well ahead of them.

Here’s the description followed by the full video:

“Dawson City, Yukon, Canada- I was on the Dempster Highway for a work assignment, and my colleague was driving. We came around a corner on saw this large fellow in full run, in the middle of the road. I grabbed my cellphone and started filming.

The wolf was traveling at 40kph, according to my colleague, who glanced down at the speedometer. I was concentrating on keeping the wolf in frame. It was an incredibly exciting moment.”

[embedded content]

I don’t know where this wolf was going, but he was going there in a hurry. Must have been awesome to be able to witness him turn on the jets and show how fast he could run. Absolutely incredible!

Also, the guy filming this video has a voice fit for television or radio, doesn’t he? Can’t believe that’s his actual voice. ????

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